New Reviews of Important Books in Education

These books are of special interest for the special educator. Hopefully you will find something here that belongs on your desk.

1.  The Complete IEP Guide – How to Advocate for Your Special Ed Child

This is a must-have for the special educator. The author, Lawrence M. Siegel, is also a lawyer who specializes in special education litigation. He brings his expertise to laying out the special education and special education law in a clearly written, easily read manner.

2.  My Social Stories Book

My Social Stories Book by Carol Gray, the trademark holder for Social Stories, gives numerous short stories to use with children on the autistic spectrum to deal with challenging or new social situations. Telling the Stories of Your Life is crucial according to DLDCN.

3.  Building Social Relationships

Dr. Scott Bellini creates an outstanding handbook on how to assess social skills, develop social skills goals, develop curriculum and choose among numerous strategies. This is an outstanding foundational resource for the special education teacher, especially a teacher working with children on the Autism Spectrum, especially children with Asperger’s syndrome and high functioning autism.

4.  Super Skills by Judith Coucouvanis

Super Skills is a Social Skills group program designed for children on the autistic spectrum with good language skills. The author provides reproducible resources for evaluating skills and designing lessons. She provides advice to deal with problem behaviors in group, and lays out the structure of the lessons. Although designed for groups, either with social workers or therapists, the lessons in this book could easily be adapted for an in school group or as part of a autistic support program.

5.  Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom

Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom provides great resources for both general and special education teachers as they partner up in inclusive classrooms.  It provides background information for the general education teacher on common disabilities they may encounter.  It makes recommendations for successful collaboration. There are a wide range of strategies for successful classroom management, and strategies for differentiating instruction.  This is an outstanding resource.

6.  Hi Lo Reading Resources from Bearport

Bearport Publishing offers a large selection of attractive, sturdy non-fiction books that should appeal to all kinds of disabled readers of all ages.  WARNING:  keep the catalog out of the hands of the elementary librarians:  once they show up in the elementary school library teenages won’t touch them.  Keep them for these readers, and they will get lots of play!!

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